Friday 19 September 2014

Wootton Rivers to All Cannings

After Wootton Rivers our next stop was Pewsey Wharf.  The mooring there is poor but at least we were able to walk into Pewsey to stock up with provisions.  Provisions were not the only thing we were able to stock up with.  I had seen a flyer about the coal boat “Aquilo”and knew that it was going to be in the area.  They carry cheaper diesel, gas, coal, logs, kindling, pump-out cards – just about all the essentials  boaters need!  Job done!  They have a yard at Hilperton and are incredibly well organised.

Onward to All Cannings 011 (480x640)

Also whilst at Pewsey, Gill and Rodney came to find us and we all went to the dog friendly Golden Swan at Wilcot for Sunday lunch in order to celebrate both mine and Rodney’s birthdays.  Lovely.

                                     Onward to All Cannings 009 (640x480)

Onward from Pewsey.  There’s no doubt about it, parts of the K&A really are very pretty ………………..

Onward to All Cannings 002 (640x480)

Views of the Marlborough Downs

Onward to All Cannings 016 (640x480)

Picked Hill

Onward to All Cannings 017 (640x480)

Ladies Bridge

We thought the visitor mooring at All Cannings was the nicest we had come across since Reading.  And, how bizarre!  That very day, whilst we were moored up there, All Cannings featured on “Escape to the Country”!  It’s a really nice village with a community shop, good pub and access to some lovely walks up on the Downs.  We walked up to the site of a neolithic earthworks called Rybury Camp.  The views from up there are breath-taking.

Onward to All Cannings 030 (640x480)     

On the way up we passed this -

Onward to All Cannings 029 (640x480)

This is The Long Barrow at All Cannings. 

It’s a modern-day burial mound.  When finished it will have a grass roof topped with wild flowers.  Cremated remains can be placed on shelves inside.

It’s an alternative.


To finish on a more cheerful note – a couple of pictures of Ellen …………..more??????

Onward to All Cannings 001 (640x480)

We thought our wood collection was doing well until we passed this lot!


Onward to All Cannings 023 (480x640)

Another example of determination!

Our next challenge is to be the 29 locks of the Caen Hill Flight …………………….



  1. We love the Golden Swan at Wilcot, are Spencer and Victoria running the fuel boat as well as the Boatyard now? Say Hello from us if you see them xx

  2. Did you have to swim to the bank in that last pic?

  3. I am so far behind, and sooo sorry about that! This looks lovely! I guess you've moored for the winter. Hope your holidays were wonderful and warm!


  4. Great blog, I'm wondering why you stopped blogging back in September 2014 shame that.