Sunday, 20 February 2011


Happier and more positive news to report!

She has been on board her posh cruise liner now for a whole week – it seems like a month to both us and her!  She is undergoing a very steep learning curve not only in terms of the work she has to do but also in terms of the environment and all the rules, regulations and protocol on board ship.  For the first time in her life there are occasions when she has to do what she is told without question and to keep her opinions to herself!!!!!   Those of you who know Meg will fully appreciate that’s not really her!  I’m sure she’ll get used to it!  It might take a little longer than getting used to having all her chores done for her by a personal attendant!  I spoke to her last when the ship was anchored (sure you don’t moor these things!) in Sidney Harbour with the Opera House on view through the porthole in her cabin.  What she had seen of Sidney she loved.  Amongst the crew there are 40 different nationalities.

So ……………. lots to learn, lots to adapt to but, on the whole, things seem to be working out well.

The uniforms?  Well! 

DSC01406                                      DSC01410

You don’t get these in ‘Next’ or ‘Monsoon’!

Back to us …………………

With everything that has happened over the last few months we feel that we need a safe base for the boat to enable us to deal with things without worrying about where she is.  So, we have organised a berth in Crick Marina for the foreseeable future.  We will definitely cruise when we can but it won’t be the extended cruises of previous years ……… for that we will have to wait.  I’m sure we will get back out onto the cut at some time during March or April.  Ken, Sandra – it’s about time you visited the Leicester Line.  xxoo

More sadness

What a terrible 3 months it has been for us in terms of losing significant people from our lives.  I last reported that John’s mum, Olive, was back at home after a long stay in hospital and was doing really well.  She was!  She was happy to be home and the care team we got in place were coming in three times a day and were looking after her really well.  Then, last Friday week, as she sat having a cup of tea with one of her best friends, she slumped forward and began to slur her words.  She was taken to hospital and ………….. she passed away four hours later.  It was the same day that Megan flew out to Australia to join “Silver Shadow”.

Olive was approaching 90 years of age.  Despite being paralysed in her right arm – this being due to the effects of earlier radiotherapy treatment – she remained positive, determined and cheerful ……………. at least on the outside.  She touched the hearts of many, many people and will be sadly missed.  We still can’t get to grips that this has actually happened.  It was sudden and untimely and so soon after the death of Elsie.  At least now she is in no more discomfort and suffering no more frustration and, as a devout Christian, she will be in Heaven re-united with those she has loved and lost.

Mum at leaving Staines.

Olive Winifred Allebone

29-06-1921 – 11-02-2011