Sunday, 17 November 2013

Belated update …..

In terms of blogging – I’ve been very lax!  Well, to be fair,  …………………. nothing of any particular interest has happened here in the marina.  Things are just jogging along as normal.  So, here followeth  an eclectic mix of ‘stuff’ :-

SmileI’m so pleased with my new washing machine!  WHY did I not have this 7 years ago?!!  It has a selection of ‘quick’ washes on it and they might have saved an awful lot of stress out there on the cut!!  Faster wash cycles = less battery power and all that!!  Bring it on!!

SmileMy best pal from college days, Rosa, has caught up with me!  She too has had to face the big 6-0.  One of the nice things about maintaining friendships with those met at school/college is that, by and large, you’re the same age and that means you tend to go through major events pretty much at the same time as each other – weddings, babies being born, uni fees to find (!), aging parents, grandchildren (?) etc – lots of shared history.

To celebrate her 60th Rosa did a really cool thing.  She hired a somewhat rosa 003 (640x480)remote hostel up on the South Downs and invited all her friends and family to join her for a weekend of fun and frolics!!  Unfortunately, as dogs are rosa 002 (640x480)strictly forbidden in hostels, we could only join her for a walk along part of the Downs on the Saturday.  The weather was somewhat inclement!  On the way to the pub for lunch it poured with rain but it was still easy to see how spectacular the views must be on a warm, dry day!  The English Channel one way and a magnificent escarpment the other.

On the way back it was so misty that we were lucky to see the people in front let alone anything else!!

DESPITE the weather, however, it was really good to be able to participate in some small way and I know just how much my friend enjoyed the whole weekend.  42 years worth of friendship – a lot of special times have been shared and we both look forward to more.

me and roasa

Smile We broke the journey by staying with Ben the night before.  He’s had a large canopy fitted over the back deck of the barge.  It’s created a sort-of conservatory area and has made a huge difference.  You can now take off wet clothes and muddy boots under cover AND clean up dirty dogs!!

rosa 008 (640x480)

Smile Talking of dogs …………………… here I am!

lola 001 (480x640)

The saga of my broken leg continues BUT progress is definitely being made.  Throughout it all I’ve attracted a great deal of attention and sympathy from lots of marina folk and I’ve certainly been getting away with things that I didn’t in the past and undoubtedly won’t in the future!!lola 005 (480x640)

After more anaesthetics and x-rays, that pin in my leg has been removed!  Good job too because it was rubbing me and causing some nasty swelling.  Just as my fur was growing back …………….. they’ve shaved off another patch!  The vet’s a bit keen with that razor!  Another tempting area to lick and nibble though!  BUT it feels SO much more comfortable – I now feel a distinct lack of caution and just want to run and jump again.  That, however, is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN for at least another 2 weeks so it’s still on the lead for me!  FRUSTRATION for us all!   The vets, nurses and receptionists at ‘The Animal House’ in Rugby have all been so lovely to me – I’ve made some friends there too.

I can’t wait to be fully recovered and get back to normal.  Patience!  It WILL be rewarded!

Lola xxoo

Secret telling smile  Apparently really cold weather is on the way next week.  SO – it seems that we will be exchanging our jumpers for thicker fleeces Monday or Tuesday. 

All for now. K-e-e-p smiling. xxoo