Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Back on Board

“Time flies when you’re having fun” or so the old saying goes.  Well, the last five months have certainly flown by!  We’ve succeeded in pretty much filling up a small house and have had lots of visitors.  The cows are back in the field so ……………… time to get back afloat.

The girls are back (640x480)

It only took a couple of days to get organised and reacclimatise.  It now feels like we’ve never been away and we are looking forward to cruising again. 

It was sad leaving Crick yesterday because it has been the closest thing we have had to ‘home’ for the last seven years but we think it is definitely a case of ‘Au Revoir’ not ‘Goodbye’ – Crick Marina and the lovely Noel and Caroline haven’t seen the last of us!  After all, someone’s got to do periodic checks to ensure they are maintaining their resolve for a lesser biscuit consumption!  We will also want to check up on our favourite Scotsman, Bob, and Hookna to see how they are settling in to life in the village.

Au Revoir Crick Marina (640x480)                          The lovely Mr & Mrs Roberts

Like the rest of us “Ellen” is not getting any younger and last year we seemed to have lots of boat maintenance issues so we are really hoping that won’t be the case this year.  I am struggling with a bit of a maintenance issue myself at present – dodgy knee – and just hope it won’t make lock wheeling too much of a problem.

Life is full of 1st’s.  In all the times we’ve gone up and down the Watford Flight we’ve never seen a workboat doing so ………… until yesterday.  Help was on hand to descend the flight.  It was a joy to see some healthy Horse Chestnut trees in flower along the tow path.

Workboat descending the flight (2)            Healthy Chestnut trees

This is where it all began over ten years ago:-

Where it all began

Welton Hythe Marina. 

We bought “Ellen” from their brokerage.  Well, strictly speaking, John did.  I had only seen pictures.

SO much has happened since that day.

And now?  Heading North …………………. first!

Braunston Tunnel and locks in the rain – definitely NOT a first!