Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Living Afloat

What is it about us Allebones that makes us all want to live on the water?

John and I were really pleased with ourselves when we managed to purchase our narrow boat “Ellen” and couldn’t wait to become liveaboards and enjoy the freedom of the canals and rivers.

Maggie 004

Ben, our son, had to go one better.  Having sold his narrow boat he now lives aboard a big old barge he got over from Holland and has totally refurbished it to a fantastic standard.

May 006

And now there’s Megan.  Trust her to out-stage us all!!  This is her vessel for at least the next 3 months!


She is called “Silver Shadow” and is part of the ‘Silver Sea’ fleet of 5 ships. It’s a luxurious 6* cruise liner and will shortly be travelling up the East coast of Australia and then across to Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Japan.  Subject to references and health checks Megan has been offered the position of H.R. Manager on board.  She will have 3 stripes on her all white uniform!  More than a few ‘hopefuls’ applied for this job!

She never fails to amaze me!  WHERE does she get all her self-confidence and courage from?  Certainly not from me!  What an opportunity!



  1. Typical Megan!! Good for her she was never going to settle for a quiet life.
    Mick really wants to go on a cruise and we have actually looked at that one.
    So much to talk about this weekend....can't wait!

  2. And you were worried about her!!!!! Told you she would sort things out in her own way....and what a way. Absolutely fabulous opportunity am sure she will have a wonderful time. xx