Monday, 4 July 2011

Back in the Marina

We have been back in the marina at Crick since last Friday busy sorting things out and doing various jobs.

We have cleaned, emptied and sold our loyal old van.  Crying faceHomeward 002 (800x600)

                                                                    New plants are festooning the roof and front deck.  





Homeward 003 (800x600)The boat has been cleaned inside from one end to the other and …………, on Tuesday we just went to have a look for some new flooring and ………… on Friday, new carpeting was fitted!  I have an O.C.D. where carpets are concerned so the chosen colour is undoubtedly madness!!

The boat’s paintwork has been washed and polished on one side (need to turn her around to do the other), windows have been cleaned and all the brass has been brasso’ed!

Oh, and I’ve watched lots of tennis!!


On Saturday Megan and Maisie arrived and are staying for a few days – well, Megan is;  Maisie is back with us for as long as she needs to stay.  Megan didn’t find whatever it is she’s looking for in Malta, neither was ‘it’ on a cruise ship so now she’s going to explore Buenos Aires!  ARGENTINA!!??   And I’m not supposed to have any concerns!  The plan is that she is going to learn Spanish and get a qualification for teaching English as a second language.  She flies out this Saturday.

Rodney has also arrived and is planning to stay on his own boat in the marina until Friday.  No doubt he and John will be seeing quite a bit of the inside of  “The Red Lion” over the next few days!!

John and I are looking forward to getting back out on the cut.  Judging by the number of cars in the car park here and the number of boats out, it’s going to be busy.  We will be heading North up the Coventry Canal towards Fradley.

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  1. We are going so slowly that I am sure you will catch us up on the "Shroppie" look forward to it. I will make sure we have some refreshments on board for the re-union.:-)