Thursday, 11 October 2012

Rabbiting on ………….

rabbit1                                           rabbit2           

Any mention of rabbits will forever remind us of our lovely Maggie so, moving swiftly on ………………

After 7 months of cruising around we have arrived back in Braunston.  This morning we have been reminded of just how pretty the stretch between Napton and Braunston is – the majority of it having wide, open views of the surrounding farmland.  It’s clearly a very popular stretch for just that reason – there are so many boats on the move here!

Yesterday, moored up at one of our favourite spots, who should come along but June, Bob and Phoenix on “Autumn Myst”.  We were surprisedNearly back 006 (800x600) because we thought we had missed them!! (Ugh!!)  They moored up with us and we had morning coffee on “Ellen” and then afternoon tea (plus made-between-locks-coffee-cake) on “A.M.”.  I don’t know – between them Doug and June put me to shame!  Clearly I need to get my act together.  Now, let me see …….. chocolate cake?  coffee cake?  fruit cake?  cherry cake?  What to do?

“Hang on a minute”, says Maisie.  “What about my walk?  You always walk me between locks.”

Nearly back 005 (800x600)

      I don’t know, she’s got me wrapped around her little paws!                


6 month old Phoenix.


  1. My thoughts were with you this morning when a boat went by with a Maggie look alike on board - oh those soulful eyes xx00 Jill

    1. Oh yes, those soulfull eyes indeed! They were a window to what she was thinking, one of the ways she very effectively communicated to those who new her.
      Us, still smarting but getting better!

  2. Thanks for a great day yesterday, look forward to seeing you over the winter.
    Bob June and Phoenix

  3. Great picture of the lovely Phoenix! like the new phrase for a "between the locks cake" Doug xx