Monday, 12 November 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful …………

Graham’s funeral was a week ago today but, unlike today, the sun shone.  (It’s raining heavily here at the moment and is forecast to last all day.)  There were a couple of ‘hitches’ but, on the whole, things went well – I think he would have been pleased.  Many more people turned up than I had anticipated.  He had left detailed instructions regarding his funeral service and I included it all!  Those of you who knew him,  knew that he always liked to be the centre of attention and he definitely was last Monday!  He lived a life of excess and it caught up with him in the end.  He was such a handsome little boy.  He always referred to himself as “Blakey” so, I had no choice, it just had to be!! 

Graham 003 (768x1024)      Graham 001 (768x1024)   barge 013 (1024x768)

YESTERDAY THE SUN SHONE!  We took the boat out just as far as Crack’s hill and it was a real tonic ……………

November1 001 (1024x768)      November1 002 (1024x768)      November1 003 (1024x768)

Up here on the summit of the Leicester Line it’s very rural and very beautiful – especially when the sky is blue and the sun shines!  Maisie enjoyed the little ‘Autumnal jolly’ too.  She’s also a tonic -thank goodness we have her!  She even gets her own friends calling.  The face!! (She’s worried about Hookna inadvertently knocking her in!)  We have several good neighbours for the winter months.  Smile

November1 004 (768x1024)        November1 009 (768x1024)      November1 013 (1024x768)

A new hot-spot aerial has been fitted in the marina Smile  I can now sit INSIDE the boat when on the computer instead of freezing my butt off in the cratch!

The new chairs we ordered at Kinver back in September have been delivered.  We like the colour and they are very comfortable. Smile

We’ve kept ourselves busy this week catching up with some of the smaller jobs that need doing especially having a bit of a chuck-out before we sink even deeper into the water!  Smile

November1 012 (768x1024)


HONESTLY, THE THINGS MOTHERS KEEP!  I found the apron that I made at school when I was 12!  Examining it carefully I think my needlecraft skills were better then than they are now!! Smile  Looks like I was a large 12 year old too!  Perhaps I didn’t wear it much because it was too big!

Goodness only knows what else I’m going to find when I start the un-enviable task of emptying Graham’s house where he lived with my mum.  She began living there in 1939!  Actually, I think she’s still there!  I sense her following me around!

‘Gertie’, the little old ‘banger’ we have purchased for all this to-ing and fro-ing is, so far, serving us well.  Smile


I just need to take things a day at a time.


  1. I love the pics of your brother. I was looking through some old family pictures looking for some of my father for Veterans Day (Remembrance Day over there), and they sure brought back happy memories.

    I see Maisie is doing well, and WOW, she certainly brings in the big boys! That's a beautiful Shepherd.

    I also remember cleaning out dad's house. I will say, I was very thankful that he had been "divesting" for quite some time, but what was left was challenging on a lot of fronts. Mostly because the only things left were the family memories. You are right for sure, one day at a time.


  2. When are you clearing Hazeldene? I suppose sooner rather than later. You know we are thinking of you!
    Glad you have some reasons to be cheerful!!!!!!

  3. APRON? Apron, I thought it was some of your un-mentionables hanging up to drip dry. Either that, or it was last desperate attempt to get John all hot and flustered. Now before you start on about your other half, I'll have you know John is a gentleman of consummate good taste and breeding. He wouldn't have married you otherwise.

    OK, all the BS asside, its good to see life is starting to get back on an even keel....

  4. I am an idiot!! (Yes, I know you know that!) I typed Hazeldene not Templedene brain rot I reckon!
    btw the chirs look very smart xx