Saturday, 1 December 2012

Let the ‘Silly Season’ Begin ……

christmas1a 003 (768x1024)

I have a confession to make …………… I’m a bit of a ‘Bah Hum-Bug’ when it comes to Christmas!!  I think this is mostly because I don’t agree with the over-the-top excesses which surround it.

BUT ….. I love all the outside lights that decorate houses, trees, hedges etc.    AND, we boaters must not be left out!  Our lights are up and working and the reindeer now has lights on her antlers!   (I definitely think she’s pretty enough to be female!)

Other boaters have started to put up lights and this year we have at least one more new recruit!  Lynn and Paul n/b ‘Piston Broke’ are getting into the festive spirit.  Mind you, lights were not the only thing that was erected early this morning!  I can’t possibly publish a picture of the item of clothing I have in response!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas 1 005        Christmas 2 010 (1024x768)



  1. Grotto is up outside and the tree is in the conservatory! Over the top excess is pretty much the norm here and I am NOT taking any of it down before you come!!
    See you very soon

  2. Excess is fine with me, don't pay any heed to "Her" in galley!
    Looking forward to seeing it all & yourselves of cause. XOXOO

  3. OH Angela, you naughty girl, OHHH-H-H-H-H I have to shut the computer down before me pacemaker over heats...