Thursday, 17 January 2013

Crafty goings on …..

One down and one to go.

This Winter I have set myself the task of replacing the rag rugs in the back cabin.  I did some about eight years ago – just making it up as I went and ‘having a go’.  This time I’ve done a bit of research – I’ve read an instruction book (!!) and had a good look at rugs made by the experts!  So, this time ………… I’ve made it thicker by cutting the strips of fabric wider and by putting them closer to each other and I’ve been a bit more selective about the type of fabric I’ve used.  I’ve also included a more defined pattern.  I’ve been surprised by how much material I’ve needed but I’m pleased with the end result of this first one.

Jan '13 Snowing 009 (1024x768)


I really hadn’t had one-too-many when I cut out the shape of the base!

It’s this strange shape to fit the strange shape of part of the floor in the back cabin!



art festival 014 (768x1024)


John, (not to be left out), has made a start on painting a ‘new’ bucket.  Back in Alrewas in the ‘summer’ a rather entrepreneurial resident had displayed some unwanted bric-a-brac for sale outside their house so I bought this old bucket:-

Possible Xmas cards 2013 009 (1024x768)


It’s transformation is underway ………………




  1. Congratulations! They look lovely.

    Linda x

    1. Opps Lynn, bin fidling & lost your comment, will ring tonight anyway.

  2. Rug??? You have a thing about rugs! Remember back in 1973!!!! I can never forget....

  3. I dunno girl, looking at that brass doo-dad on the floor it looks damn wonky to me. Are you SURE you didn't have one too many sherry's before you started? And tell me this, does John have a stich of clothing left to his name, I know what you women are like once you get started on something.
    As for John's bucket it looks lovely but make sure he sticks something heavy in it before he puts it on the roof, we don't want another tragedy. It would also be a good idea to keep it well away from Rodney, he's likely to fill it with red hot ashes. (for John to empty)

  4. Oh well, it was only burbling!!although I really don't think the rug is straight and I do think John's bucket is lovely xxxx