Saturday, 4 January 2014

A New Year…………… A New Chapter ………

Firstly ……………… HAPPY NEW YEAR   to anyone who may be reading this.  May 2014 bring you joy, peace and prosperity!

Secondly,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOLA  who is one today. 

A beautiful little puppy ………………

3 weeks b

has grown into a beautiful young dog ………………..

johns latest 003

Thirdly ………….. we have a Change of Status.  We are about to join the ranks of Extended Cruisers as opposed to full-blown Liveaboards because …………… we have bought a house in Dorset in which to while away the winter months.  And, since we’ve moved in , it hasn’t stopped raining!  There’s now enough water at the bottom of the garden to “float a boat”!!  Wish we could!!

Garden 4                               Minstrel's 012

We are looking forward to cruising the system in “Ellen” during the Spring and Summer months like other extended cruisers do.  Having removed lots of ‘stuff’ from her she has already risen in the water!  Maybe this will prevent us getting constantly stuck -

Plan B 018 (800x600)

and even enable us to moor close to the bank like other boaters do -

reaching 60 006

We now have space in most of the cupboards!!

With house prices rising and interest rates worse than ever, it seemed the sensible thing to do.  We once again have our own letterbox,(!) can register to vote(!) and I can have a bath instead of a shower(!!)  We can even rent films!!  We love the Inland Waterways and just hope we can manage to do what others do – that is – sustain the best of both worlds!!  Our plan is to set off cruising again at the beginning of April.

The Chesterfield 018



  1. so looking forward to seeing it, the girls love a swim!!

  2. Jill Matida Rose6 January 2014 at 12:11

    Looks like we won't be seeing you at Crick then. Never mind, we'll just pop round for a bath instead xoxoxo

  3. Oh my! A huge change! I will be watching!


  4. Still waiting! But I get you, 100%