Thursday, 31 July 2014

Guess Where?

back down the shroppie 030 (600x800)

BIG CLUE:- Long, leafy cuttings which look beautiful especially when the sun is shining.

back down the shroppie 029 (600x800)BIG CLUE:- Very tall bridges.

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BIG CLUE:- Views of The Wrekin.

AND, at last ……………… BIG CLUE:- The Anchor Inn which was open!

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All the guides say that this drinking establishment is in a time warp – an original Public House where the bars are in the sitting rooms.  Every time we’ve passed we’ve stopped but Olive, the Landlady, has had the pub closed.  NOT THIS TIME!  And, yes, it is old fashioned and unspoilt.  The tiny bar is at the end of what I suppose is/was the hallway, the toilets are still outside and the garden is immaculate.

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We’ve had a lovely couple of days based at Brewood where our friends Mick and Lynn joined us but are now back on the Staffs and Worcester heading towards Penkridge where we are to be joined by our next visitors.



  1. Beautiful! I want to visit there!


  2. Tray! Good to hear from you. Any plans to visit GB this year? You need to chat up old Harpic!! xxoo

  3. I am debating getting over there again. Not sure of the timing yet. Was hoping for maybe fall, but may be springtime now, maybe over our school system's spring break. I haven't had but a couple of days of holiday in months due to the workload, so I am ready to get away!