Wednesday, 28 July 2010

"As I was going to St Ives ......"

Cambridgeshire, not Cornwall that is .................

Yes, we are at St Ives and it could possibly be one of the loveliest small towns anywhere in England.  There are lots of old, interesting buildings and in the wide market square is an impressive statue of Oliver Cromwell - hero or villain I'm not sure yet - I'm going to visit the town museum to help me make up my mind.

This chap figures largely in this part of the world - he certainly got about!  
Lots of places boast that he lived there for a while - Ely, here in St Ives and certainly in Huntingdon where, apparently, he was born.

St Ives has lots of individual (albeit expensive) shops and there is no shortage of restaurants, pubs and fast food outlets.
How much would a cut and blow dry be here??
You might end up thinking, Sandra, that Ely was a bargain after all !!!

The bridge over the river is special not only because it is so old but also because it is one of only four in England that has a chapel included in it.  Why, I don't know - perhaps I can find out in the museum.

The old C15th complete with chapel.

There is quite a generous amount of mooring here - some at the town quay, some in a backwater at Waits Quay and some E.A. moorings opposite a hotel.  We have managed to squeeze "Ellen" in at Waits Quay.  The town is a popular place to stay and narrow boats soon swallow up the available mooring space!

Town Quay mooring.


A by-the-by ....................
Yesterday we had a torrential downpour and we got caught in it!  It was the most rain we have had for weeks.

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  1. Just had a lovely lunch break at work catching up on the past month's blogs. Your blog site is fab now Ange - thoroughly enjoyed it. Almost feel as though I am with you.....just wish I were!!!! Will call at the weekend for a chat. Bi for now. Anne. xxx