Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Middle Level

This is an area of Fenland linking the rivers Nene and Great Ouse.
It is criss-crossed by numerous man-made drains or dykes - akin to those in Holland or so I'm led to believe.  It's all very different cruising from anything we have so far experienced.

There is a recommended route which takes you:-
*  Along King's Dyke to the town of Whittlesey
*  Along Whittlesey Dyke to Floods Ferry Junction.  Here you can go
                                                          off on a bit of a detour to the town of Ramsey if you wish.
                                                      *  Along the old course of the River Nene to the town of March
                                                      *  Along Wells Creek to the villages of Upwell and Outwell.
                                                      * On to Salters Lode Lock.

Weed growth can be prevalent during the Summer months but, so far, we have been relatively lucky as the weed cutters have been out working ahead of us.

Yes, the dykes are straight and yes, the banks are high and they do restrict the views across the flat, intensively farmed land but the skies are 

The wild flowers growing in the banks are stunning.

The number and variety of dragonflies are mesmerising

                and .................

as you go along you can watch hundreds and hundreds of different freshwater fish in the weeds.

The whole area is managed by a group of people called The Middle Level Commissioners.
Unfortunately, mooring opportunities are limited to the few provided by the town and village councils.  Failing that, you can pay to go into one of the marinas.

We chose to take the diversion to Ramsey and have gone into Bill Fen Marina for the weekend.  It is really nice.  I have sourced a vet in Ramsey to get Maisie's routine jabs done on Monday. 

It continues to be really hot.  This can't be England .................. can it?

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