Saturday, 13 November 2010

Life on the Cut Goes on ….

But slowly!  Oh, so slowly!

Last weekend, in pouring rain and howling gales, we reached Crick.  Quite surprisingly, there was a fair bit of boat movement still going on.  Meg came up for the weekend and we took the dogs out on our favourite route past all the deer.  It was really muddy but a good excuse to dress Megan up, yet again, in a silly hat!!   (No picture allowed – I’ve been threatened!!)

One BIG improvement since leaving Crick last March is the re-vamped Co-Op.  It’s SO much better.  I now won’t feel the need to keep dragging John off to Tesco’s at Rugby every week!

On the Sunday, just before Meg left to drive back to Reading, our computer went ka-put!  Completely!  This computer has been the cause of many heated moments over the last year so ………………. on Monday, in pouring rain and howling winds, John (hero that he is!) got on the bike and cycled to Daventry to Louis’s shop as recommended to us by Lynne and Paul.  Yes, he ended up buying a new computer as, apparently, at four years old, the other one is obsolete!  I really don’t like this age of “When something goes wrong, throw it away and get a new one".” But there we are!  I liked our old Dell ………….. when it was behaving itself!!     John’s latest mission now is to purchase an extension aerial for the dongle so that, hopefully, our internet connection consistently improves.  Just goes to prove how powerful advertising is!!

We are now moored up at the Welford Arm in beautiful sunshine and John has taken it upon himself to repair another window sill – that will just leave two to do.  Megan is coming again on Sunday and I have a surprise for her – a new hat!!!  We are aiming to move to the end of the Welford Arm as she will be able to park her car there.  On Tuesday she has to go to Bolton to research a proposed new distribution site so, being with us, she will be half way there already.

Just an observation:-  As we passed the new marina at Yelvertoft we noticed that it is already about 2/3 full with boats.  Apparently, about 18 boats left Crick to go there but those spaces appear to be filled already!  On passing Welton Hythe last week they also seem to be fairly full!  Where have all these boats come from?      

Yet again I say, “Recession, what recession?”

Braunston toCrick 2010 006Taken from the galley window.  Indulgence!

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  1. Oh all this modern technical jargon, I'll never get the hang of it. So John wants to extend his "dongle" does he. Well back in my day, -to quote Chuck Berry, it was always their "Ding-a-ling" they were playing with. So be careful my dear, men get a bit funny when they reach a certain age, especially skinny ones. Keep the whisky well hidden if I were you...