Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Retail Therapy required.

I need cheering up!

I need a bit of retail therapy!

So……………. I have set myself the task of thinking what birthday present I could get for the male boater who definitely doesn’t have everything!  You know, that male boater who is reaching a SUBSTANTIAL age on Saturday!

I thought that if I looked at the ad’s in a well-known boating magazine I could get some ideas.  WELL!  It’s incredible what amazingly interesting things can be purchased for boats and boaters these days!

How about a new Alternator Regulator?  Mind you, not any old Alternator Regulator ……. It would have to be an ADVANCED  Alternator Regulator and ………….. definitely a PRO DIGITAL Advanced Alternator Regulator and it would be sub-standard if it was not also a UNIVERSAL Advanced Pro-Digital Alternator Regulator ……….in fact an Inter-active, Programmable, Self-Diagnosing Advanced Pro Digital Universal Alternator Regulator.  WOW!!  Maybe not! ££££££££££££££££££££££££££ 

WHAT!!??  I have trouble understanding the mechanics of my faithful little carpet sweeper.  My ELECTRIC carpet sweeper.  My RE-CHARCHABLE Electric carpet sweeper at that.  And it’s a lovely shade of GREEN!

Oh, S** it!  I’ll have to go to M&S like everybody else and buy something that I have (believe it or not in 43 years) NEVER bought for him before – pants and socks!!  They are very necessary and …… they can be as interesting as I care to make them!!  Whilst there I’ll pop into Wilko’s, Paul, and splash out on the recommended gaffer tape- I might even get some for myself as well!  Do you recommend the tape being applied across the cheeks or round the legs?  Does it come in an assortment of colours?


  1. Definitely the cheeks! Be careful of the mouth though, you don't want to be kept quiet!
    Pants and socks in Marks can be "quite interesting" if you are into that sort of thing!!

  2. Pants and socks!!!! Ange, where is the passion in that?....go for a lovely new bra and nickers set (black or scarlet would do the job) - he will enjoy his birthday and you get them for the rest of the year!! xx
    Bet you would never want me to go shopping with you eh!!

  3. With reference to the "gaffer" tape it comes in silver and black.As for buying himself socks and pants make sure they have a brass inlay so they can be polished while his hands are in his pockets!!!!!!!!! To which cheeks were you referring, the mind boggles, this is surely going to be a birthday John wont forget.