Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Misty Isle

Saturday 21st May.  We are now on Skye and it has not earned it’s reputation for nothing!!Skye   016
Skye   015

We are beginning to feel that we need webbed feet and that a Skye Tsunami is near at hand.  The pictures of the state of the mountain streams speak for themselves and bear testimony to the amount of rain that has been falling from the sky.
Skye   014We are currently – or will be tomorrow – on the Skye Clubsite on the North of the Island.  Tonight, believe it or not, their 105 pitches are already taken!!  Obviously, we should have persevered with getting a campsite of our own 10 years ago when we first thought of it!!  We would be rich by now!

Anyway – just a bit (more) silliness:-

We have decided that Weather Forecasters for these Western Isles have an easy job!  All they have to do each day is decide on the best adjective to put before the word ‘rain’!! …………………………
Light/heavy/showery/torrential/relentless/intermittent/constant/thundery/frozen/MORE/NO(!)  …………….. 

And then there's the accompanying wind to contend with:-  
Gentle/strong/breezy/gale-force/light/blow-you-off-your-feet .....................

Someone once told me that the weather in Scotland in May was warm and sunny !!!!!!!!!  Hey!

Actually today (Sunday) it's been a nice afternoon.  We had lunch at the busy Stein Inn (the oldest Inn on the Island) and did a lovely walk to some coral beaches near Dunvegan.  We are now sitting in the van in sunshine over-looking Loch Greshornish on the Camping & Caravaning Clubsite.  It's a fight to go OUT of the van though because the wind, being so strong, it's a battle to open the door!

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