Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Up the East Coast

Since crossing the Scottish Border we have steadily made our way up the East Coast stopping off to see a variety of  places.  I have to confess that most of these have been coastal areas.  We intended to stop in Stonehaven but …………. drove in and out again!  We by-passed both Aberdeen and Peterhead.  Well, we did pull in to look over one of Peterhead’s harbours!

on to Fraserburgh 009
One of the harbours at Peterhead.  We somehow missed the main fishing fleet harbour – we were too anxious to keep away from the town centre I think.
There is still a reasonably large fishing industry operating out of Peterhead and Fraserburgh.  We are camped up tonight overlooking Fraserburgh Bay.  Behind us are lots of industrial fish units eg ‘Youngs’.   We ought to be able to get some really good Fish & Chips here.    
on to Fraserburgh 024
                                                 Campsite at Fraserburgh
We’ve not visited this North Eastern part of the Scottish coast before.  Both Peterhead and Fraserburgh are working towns and not prettied up for the tourist industry. The beauty of the coastline, however, continues to amaze us.  We have been told that there are some lovely villages between here and Nairn.

on to Fraserburgh 014

This is a headland called Rattray Head.  We have never seen a lighthouse so close to a beach before.  We were the only ones on the beach.on to Fraserburgh 017                                                                                           
                                                          Maggie wasn’t sure what to make of the waves!

Staithes 004
                  She’s a ‘Happy Camper’ though!   She’s discovered that this window is SO good for ‘bunny-spotting’!
So far we’ve been really lucky with the weather – we’ve had eight days of warm sunshine.  Apparently this is all going to change tomorrow – rain is on it’s way!  AND – like it or not – I need to go shopping for provisions!  Gloom and Despondency!


  1. I really envy you; when we retired we (I) always sais we'd take the caravan up around Scotland for a long holiday. We bought the boat and I couldn't get him off it - now the van is sold!!! Enjoying it vicariously through your blog. Jill

  2. Look where you are, how on earth can you be miserable

  3. as the song goes maybe its time to ....."look on the bright side of life, de dum, de dum de dum de dum" LOL xxx

  4. Regarding the 'gloom & doom' - it only related to the supermarket!! Everything else is grand!!

    Jill - thanks for following. I will try to do our final tour justice. When we retired I absolutely INSISTED that I had one last visit to Scotland - this is it! I will be so sad to say goodbye to our old van but I do see that we can't have a camper AND a boat - you end up doing neither justice. Re the cat: We think she must be related to the wild cats up here! Daisy? She should be called Claws!! We DO like cats! xxoo

  5. LOVE that pic of maggie on the beach!!!