Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Onwards & Upwards

Since coming off Skye we have had some sunshine!  Not today – today the wind and rain are back but theGairloch 010 forecast is good and we are parked up over-looking a fabulous sandy bay where, last night, there were eight Black Throated divers swimming just off shore.  These beautiful birds are the rarest of the divers – their plumage is amazing.                                                                        (copied picture not photograph ………….)

The campsite we are on is not official and has no facilities.  The owner charges £2.00 a night and gives this money to support the maintenance of the beach and the local school.  We were told about it by a ‘man from the Midlands’ – more about him in a minute.

From Skye to here then:-

Gairloch 003      Gairloch 007     Gairloch 012

             Eilean Donan Castle                     Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve                           Loch Maree

Gairloch 044

Red Point

Now – the ‘man from the Midlands’.  A sad story.  Sad smile

Don lost his wife 18 months ago – she was only 55.  What amazing resilience some people have – Gairloch 014he has not given up on going out and about in their motor home and pursuing his passion (and incredible talent) for photography and, for company, he takes his cats …….. all 5 of them!!   They are Egyptian Mau Gairloch 060and are absolutely beautiful, really friendly and quite happy touring around.  Unbelievable!

Don invited us into his motor home to see some of his wildlife pictures – wow!  Fabulous.  Dangerous though because we are now considering up-grading our little camera.

              Don with Draco

His custom built camper is so roomy, so comfortable and so well equipped.  We ended up watching a DVD!

If we were starting all over again ……..

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