Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Waving the White Flag

Today is the beginning of week 7 and we are, after 4 of them being somewhat inclement, surrendering to the wind and rain.

We might not always realise it but the weather has such an enormous effect on people’s lives – both work and leisure.  It’s so instrumental in how  we feel and what we do.  At the moment it’s preventing us from walking where we want to walk.  There’s no fun being out in the wet and cold especially when you only have an un-heated campervan to come back to!  Obviously I was just not meant to go to Handa Island.

We were spoilt with three lovely warm, sunny days in Ullapool – somewhere of which we are very fond.  John’broken camera 027s favoubroken camera 021rite Outdoor shop is there – always a dangerous encounter!

We drove around the Inverpolly Nature Reserve and the views over to the Summer Isles were spectacular. 

Having reached Scourie we have decided to go no further North.  We have seen amazing scenery and wildlife but think that if we go back over to the East coast it may be a little less wet!!!!!!!!!!!

This is for real – near Achiltibuie. Love it!                                                                                        Stac Pollaidh near Ullapool. 

(I am typing this whilst at Dornoch on the East Coast and it’s HAMMERING down outside!!Smile with tongue out)  Our journey South begins tomorrow!

Misfortune number 1:-                                                                                                                                                                        Whilst walking to a special waterfall at Kirkaig I saw an eagle soaring overhead.  To get a better view I laid back on a rock and ………… sat on our little camera!  Needless to say between my big b*m and a hard rock, it didn’t fair well!  The screen is bu**er*d!!

New camera needed then.  I REALLY didn’t do it on purpose!   Crying face

Misfortune number 2:-                                                                                                                                                                         The “Wee Scottish Beastie” has awoken from it’s lair.  YES!  The Menacing Midge is back with vengeance!                                              It’s been so nice without them.  Devil



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