Monday, 11 February 2013

A February Weekend……

I’ve seen snowdrops ……. lots of snowdrops as I’ve walked around the village so I’ve been feeling confident that Spring really is on it’s way.

Today, however, we awoke to snowdrops of another kind………………..

joan 011 (1024x768)

I’d hoped we’d finished with all of this for this year!

joan 005 (768x1024)


Over the weekend Joan and I visited Market Harborough – still a thriving little town and full of shoppers.  We staggered back laden as darkness fell …………………..

joan 006 (1024x768)

Old Age is……… comparing the ingredients of one’s vitamin tablets!

             (I know it’s sad but there you have it!!) 

                                     joan 008 (768x1024)

Bailey was grateful for the ‘time off’ from Joan’s puppy – Poppy – and was a really good boy.  Handsome or what?

joan 010 (768x1024)

All the painting has been done – just needs to be varnished now.



  1. He is a lovely boy (no, not John!). Did you enjoy your shopping expedition with Joan?! We have lots of snow too.
    Give you a ring this week
    Lovely bucket John xxxxxx

  2. Yes, isn't he. He's such a 'mummy's boy'! Speak soon. xxoo

  3. Oh boy, we had some snow! Not a lot. Just enough in my opinion.
    You've got a cozy place to be, I have to go to work! HAHAHAHA
    It is getting warmer!