Friday, 1 February 2013

Something Kinky’s going on ………………


It was always going to happen ……………………..

It was only ever a matter of time …………


We have ourselves a ……………………………. puppy!        Introducing Lola ………………..

Seeing the Puppies 011 (640x480) (640x480)


We met her at her house down in old Su-ffolk                                                                  

Where all ten pu-ppies were well tucked up

In their play pen

pl-pl-pl-pl play pen.

pl-pl-pl-pl play p-en ………..


She wobbled up to John and then she bit his thumb,

He asked her her name and in a cute little voice she said -

Lo-la.  I want to be Lo-la

Your Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-la.


Now, when it comes to dogs we’re both a soft touch

So when she cuddled up to John and then licked his face

It was a done deal

d-d-d-d done deal

d-d-d-d-done de-al ………………..


(Only those of us in the tea-time of our lives will be able to apply a sort-of tune to this!!)

How cute are these!!

Seeing the Puppies 014 (640x480) (640x480)      Seeing the Puppies 017 (1024x768)       DSC02041 (4) (1024x768)

Seeing the Puppies 010 (1024x768)      Seeing the Puppies 018 (1024x768)       3 weeks d (1024x768)

She is a spaniel but a Cocker not a Cavalier.  After losing Maggie prematurely we just can’t face tempting fate in that respect again.  Everything about this litter seemed to be right for us but choosing one from six available puppies ended up being a crazy, haphazard lottery!  They were all lovely and all of them were all over us!!   Anyway, one of them is now wearing our chosen yellow collar and she is to be called Lola.  We can collect her in a month’s time.  Mum, Poppy, is gorgeous and dad, Boss, from his photograph and reading about him, is fabulous.

Leapsheh Alexandra of Wisppuppie's mum (300x225) This is mum, Poppy,Boss - Mallowdale Tony of Greenfox


                                                                              and dad, Boss.


Of course, they both have extremely posh Kennel Club names!!


We had two names in mind – one of them obviously being Lola and, when we stopped off in Ely on the way home, we saw an advertisement promoting a concert to be performed by a young lady called Lola James.  Fate struck again!  So, Lola it is!                                                

After two years of sad events we feel we deserve something happy and positive to happen in our lives.

One concern though:-  I don’t think she’ll fit into the bike basket for very long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And Maisie?  She says she didn’t sign up for a puppy!  She adored Maggie and I just know that this little one will grow up to adore her as we do.




  1. Replies
    1. You would have loved them all. Mum too - she's gorgeous. xxoo

  2. Congratulations, Lola looks lovely, bet you can't wait to bring her home! Cocker's are such affectionate little dogs as well. Best Wishes Doug and James x

    1. Hi Guys, It's going to be the longest month ever.
      P.S. There are still 4 pups up for grabs!!

  3. Replies
    1. They all were! It definitely was a lottery. Operation 'Dog Nap' has been actioned by our daughter regarding lovely Maisie and we just can't be without a dog!! xxoo

  4. Fabulous...just what you both need!!! Cant wait for a cuddle. x

    1. You can have a cuddle any time my Dear!

  5. She looks gorgeous. Let's hope we meet up this summer so I can have a cuddle :-)
    Linda x

    1. Can I wait that long? Oh sorry, you meant with Lola. :~)

  6. Hi Both she looks a delightful bundle of fun, bet the next month will go by very slowly.
    Bob June and Phoenix

    1. Hi Ya,
      All 10 & the Mum were fab.
      Your right, the next 4 weeks will be "V e r y l o n g w e e k s !"
      P.S. Lolas kennal name had Phoenix in it, just one reason for choosing her.

  7. But John, according to the "Who" Lola was a drag queen. On the other hand, back in your youth Lola was a well known make of racing car, so it can't be all bad. Anyway, well done and enjoy...

  8. Cup Cake!! You obviously had a 'senior moment'!! Check out the title! It was the Kinks and ..... yes, she was a drag queen!! xxoo

    1. I'm afraid "senior moments" come all too often these days...