Friday, 25 March 2011

Get set. Go! We have a plan …………….

Can you believe this warm, sunny March weather?  We are about to leave the marina so it’s bound to change!!

There’s no pleasing some people!

When we come in off the cut in November/December time I’m sad to leave the freedom of the cut.  Now it comes to leave the marina, (and we’ve been in here longer than usual this year) I don’t feel sad – just anxious!  I’ve obviously become far too used to the comforts of the marina facilities – water on-tap, unlimited electricity, instant rubbish disposal and no worries about where to empty the loo tank!  Maisie likes ‘her’ fields and ‘her’ hill too!

We have had a productive week.  Both gunwales are now painted and looking respectable, the boat has been washed inside and out, some of the paintwork has been touched-up, a new water gauge has been fitted and some of the brass has been polished.  Only ‘some’ because (here comes the ‘reason’/excuse) we have run out of ‘shiny sinks’!  So what’s wrong with brasso?  We have plenty of that!  I will be in such trouble – I can hear the skipper now telling me to get out there and do it myself!!  Woman’s work!!

Anyway, we are off down the South Oxford for the next month or so.  The Watford flight has been closed for repairs this week and has only re-opened today so there might be a bit of a queue of boats waiting to go down.  Time to dust off my old lock gloves and trusted windlass.

Another cunning plan ……

Back in November we anticipated regular trips to Staines throughout 2011 checking up on two old ladies – one in a nursing home and the other being cared for in her own home.  Four months later, things are so different ……………    Anyway, as a result we taxed our old campervan for the whole year and organised an annual mooring for the boat.  So, we have decided to make the most of this situation and, for what will definitely be the last time, tour Scotland in our van.  What with the soaring cost of diesel and maintenance costs we feel we can no longer justify keeping her.  She is unique that’s for sure.  Whenever we go back to Staines we are spotted!  But, as from July she will be up for sale.  It will be a sad, sad day as we have had many very happy times travelling around in her both in the U.K. and on the continent.

van 001


  1. We will look out for you no doubt we will be on our way back up when we pass. I will make sure the drinks cupboard is topped up in readiness!!!!!

  2. Getting rid of the van? How will you get here?
    I know the boat can make it here but it takes so long. Motorbike and side car it is then? !!! xxxx

  3. Hi Lynn
    Have you heard of those little motors that you can fix onto push bikes?!!!! Heah, right!!
    John would just LOVE a motorbike again but ..... how wide are sidecars these days?!! Me and two dogs? We'll sort something out for sure!

  4. Love to see you on the M25 with your motorized push bikes!!
    I like the idea of you, John and the dogs on a motorbike and sidecar with your ears/hair flying in the wind, it makes a great picture!!!!