Monday, 28 March 2011

Senior Moments

Oh dear!  They’re coming far too thick and fast these days!

The area around Braunston has been really busy over the weekend with both private and hire boats.  We had to pass at least six boats in the tunnel.  We were unable to moor at Braunston Puddlebanks so the Skipper (hero that he is!) reversed ALL the way back to opposite the church where we found ourselves alone!  We have moored here on many occasions and always managed to get TV reception – NOT THIS TIME!  An expensive new satellite system and …. we couldn’t get a thing!  Sunday – 1st Grand Prix race of the year so we were not staying there!  We moved on towards Wigrams Turn and stopped in a really open spot.  NOTHING!  PANIC!!  The final of the Ice Dancing was on in the evening too!  Skipper/Dog House – get the idea?  Then ……….. a picture!  It’s amazing what happens when one finds the correct satellite!!  A Senior Moment (actually, the truth is, it was a complete cock-up!).

So why are we on lap 15 of the race when it’s only 12.30pm and the race isn’t meant to start until 1pm?  Hang on, the TV is telling us that it’s 1.30pm.  What’s going on?  OMG!!!  We’ve never done that before!  No wonder lots of boats were on the move at 7.30pm or rather 8.30pm.  WE HAD FORGOTTEN TO ALTER THE CLOCKS!  Another Senior Moment (yes, another complete cock-up!).

Changing the Subject:-                                                                                                               

Who is brave enough to show their age and own up to remembering Lee Majors?  He was the Bionic Man – completely re-built when all his original parts malfunctioned!

Well, we have a Bionic Boiler.  Yet another part of our Eberspacher has been replaced.  This time it’s the temperature sensor.  This joins the flame tube combustion chamber, the burner motor, the fuel metering pump, the timer and copious numbers of glow plugs!  From memory Mr Major’s spare parts were more easily obtained and less expensive than these!

Today the weather has been lovely – we have had much more sunshine than Thailand (Ben is out there doing a scuba diving course).  Tomorrow we will probably go up the Napton Flight – probably!  That’s the joy of being a liveaboard – there’s no rush!!


  1. I remember Lee Majors (of course I was only a baby with an amazing memory !!

  2. You've always had those moments, now you just have an excuse for them :)

    Who won the ice dancing by the way?