Monday, 7 March 2011

To Float or not to Float …………

We have taken a week off.  We think we deserve it for good behaviour!  Anyone who has had to empty the abode of a deceased loved one will know what a soul destroying task it is!  Olive had SO much stuff.  She knew it too because when she was still in hospital before Christmas and saying that she wanted to go into a care home, she laughed and said she didn’t envy our task!

We have come back to our boat for a week’s sanity (we hope!) laden with things that we ‘can’t possibly get rid of'.  We need a bigger boat!  No we don’t.  We just need to have a thorough sort out ourselves and get rid of some of our own things.  This was on our winter list of ‘things to do’ anyway.  If we don’t, we are going to be sitting on the bottom!  The big task for the outside of the boat is to sort out the gunnels – they look a mess!

When we got back to the marina there were more cars in the car park than we have ever seen before.  Obviously lots of people have now come out of hibernation and are starting to attend to their boats ready for the cruising season.  We are not usually here at this time of year to witness this amount of enthusiasm and energy!  Within minutes of getting back on board the Eberspacher, which heats our water and the radiators, started to play up.  It has caused us problems from the moment we bought ‘Ellen’ and patience with it is now wearing very thin.  I think the time is fast approaching when we replace it.  Advice from other boaters would be very welcome.

Well, the sun is shining, all is quiet on the Midland front and …………. I have a lot to do!

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  1. Good luck, glad you are back on the boat it will do your heads good!

    Replace the heater thingy you can't be cold or have cold water that is too much too ask.
    Talk soon xxxx