Friday, 28 October 2011

Back to Base

Yesterday, whilst moored at Norton Junction, it rained all day!  Today, however, we travelled back to Crick in glorious Autumn sunshine.

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Going under the M1 which was as busy and noisy as ever, none of the road travellers would even have known we were there!

Coming up the Watford Locks there are displayed photographs (taken last August) of the reservoirs which feed the top section – Welford, Naseby and Saddington – and even back then they were incredibly low.

The lock-keeper explained that, in order to keep this top pound in watefinals 008 (800x600)r at the moment, they are back-pumping all the way from the River Swift near Stoke Bruerne.  Due to the fact that Foxton Locks have been closed since the middle of August boat traffic on this section has fallen by 40% this season.  No doubt trade for the shop, cafe and pubs at Foxton has been badly affected.

                                                                                                               Entering Crick Tunnel

Whilst at Braunston we treated ourselves to this month’s “Canal Boat” magazine.  I almost wish we hadn’t!  There’s yet another letter gunning for Continuous Cruisers.  Of course my reaction is defensive!  Even aggressively defensive!!  Yes, there definitely are those who break the rules but ……………?

finals 007 (600x800)

For example, is this boat continually cruising?  It might be.  It might be just having a jolly good sort out within the 14 permitted mooring days!

So, by and large Crick will be our base for the next few months.  On the plus side – I have unlimited amounts of electricity!  I will be able to appease my O.C.D. and hoover to my heart’s content.  I will be able to use the washing machine without having to ask permission and …………….. if I want to, watch an old black and white film in the middle of the afternoon ………………. whose to stop me?!

On a more serious note, we have lots of sorting out still to do back in Staines.  Apparently there is a suggestion that it should be re-named Staines-on-Thames.  And why not? Bring it on, I say!


  1. Have a look on FB. We finally got on our balloon trip on Friday and it was awesome xxxxx

  2. How's Meg? and by the way who said you could go around poking people when they least expect it? xx