Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Just in case you were wondering ……..

After saying ‘Goodbye’ to Anne and John at Market Drayton we got a bit of a move on (in the lovely sunshine) to reach Penkridge for the weekend.  (Brilliant Saturday market)  Since re-joining the Staffordshire & Worcester we have noticed how busy the canal is especially with private boaters and, amongst them, there seem to be lots of liveaboards – the piles of wood on board gives it away somewhat!

Our friends, Gary and Joan, came to find us at Penkridge over the weekend.  We were introduced to the latest member of their family:-

Introducing Bailey ‘Boy’ Mealing – only 4 months old but already displaying the high intelligence of a Boarder Collie and the bowels of a typical Mealing! (f**ts that make your eyes water!!)     Bailey 001 (800x600)

Mum was rescued from being shut in a cage most of the time – over in Ireland – and, once over here, promptly produced a litter of pups.  Both mum and all the pups have now got good homes.  Bailey is gorgeBailey 005 (800x600)ous – he has some tummy problems though which need to be resolved …… for everybody’s sake! 

We met a chap with a Pyrenean Mountain dog whom, he said, little children have mistaken for ‘a real live polar bear’!  Bless!  

We are now at Tixall and have bumped into Sharron and Ken (n/b ‘Janus’) whom we met two years ago at the Evesham River Festival.  It has been so good being able to catch up with them and hear all their news.  Just as John is ‘Generator Man’, Sharron is ‘Generator Woman’ or will be when ph-ph-Phil finally gets around to ph-ph-phitting it for her!!  She ought to have an award for patience.

Talking of patience, we had an e-mail from Sue and Rob (n/b ‘Patience’) whom we haven’t seen for three years.  They are back at Great Haywood so we are really looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.  Will Murphy-dog remember us …..?

Today some important jobs have been tackled.  Our fire would like to report ………

“I’ve had a brand new brush shoved where brand new chimney brushes get shoved, my cling-ons have been knocked off, my glass cleaned, hinges lubricated, bricks replaced and I’ve been promised a new chimney complete with hat when we get onto the Coventry.  Lots of wood has been cut up thanks to the borrowing of Ken’s log-sawing-horse so now I’m well ready for the forecasted onset of much colder weather.

We have today met some boaters who have just done the Ribble Link to get to the Lancaster Canal and also went into Liverpool.  They were full of positives.

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