Wednesday, 28 September 2011


This weather!

Have we all become time travellers and gone back to June or July?  That was when we should have had this amazingly beautiful, sunny weather!  I recognise just how privileged we are to be able to be out and about on our boat enjoying it.

Dog Owners

If it’s not me and it’s not you ……………… and it’s not them and it’s not us ……………… and it’s not him and it’s not her ……… then, who on earth is it who STILL, in this day and age, walks the tow paths with beloved pooches and does NOT clear up the smelly mess they inevitably leave behind them?

SURELY it’s not dog-owning boaters because, as boaters, we all know how absolutely disgusting it is when we inadvertently tread dog mess into our boats especially when that mess doesn’t even emanate from our own dog!

Well it isn’t me!  If I don’t bag and bin it I scoop and scatter it amongst a thick patch of brambles or nettles – somewhere where it can decompose in peace and not end up on the bottom of a human shoe.

So, what can we all do about this selfish behaviour of offenders – whoever they are?  It’s one thing walking the tow paths with a litter-picker and bagging bits of rubbish but quite another carrying a shovel and clearing away mess left by anonymous dogs.  Actually, the mountainous heaps I see all too often must be left by relatives of Hagrid’s “Fluffy” who are wandering about surreptitiously!  Ahh!  That must be it!  Of course!  It’s obvious now!   STRAYS!

Public Footpaths

We are back in Staffordshire and, as we have experienced before, we have encountered problems walking some of the lesser-used public rights of way.  Too often we have come across un-signed footpaths, a lack of way-markers, stiles over-grown with unfriendly vegetation and in  very poor states of repair and, not just unfriendly towards dogs – downright hostile!  One can’t help but feel that one is not wanted!

However, on it’s website, Staffordshire County Council has excellent information and guidance about using public rights of way.  Any problems can be reported.  SO BE IT!walking 003 (600x800)

Somehow or other we did manage to get over this – on the other side was a stream with a bit of a plank!

walking 005 (800x600)

                                                        Barbed wire just waiting to be grabbed or tear clothing.   This stile was wobbly too.                     

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