Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back on The Shroppie

We have left the Llangollen Canal and I can so understand why it is such a popular canal.  It travels through beautiful, rural scenery, lovely little towns and villages and has those special aqueducts which attract visitors in their thousands.  No wonder hirers of at least 15 different companies head that way!
We are now intending to go to Ellesmere Port - the end of the Shropshire Union.  The canal is wide and the double Beeston1 019 (800x600)locks very heavy.  We are back into the realm of noisy roads and railways – but not all the time!  For the weekend we are mooring up in view of the ruins of Beeston Castle.  The views from the top of the castle are fabulous.

Last time we were here we were told that peregrines nest in the crags – well, this time we saw them!

Beeston2 010 (640x480)
We also saw a special, new steam engine called “Tornado”.  It has been built to offer a main line passenger service and has a Tour Programme covering different parts of the country.  It just so happened that on 10th September it was running from London to Lichfield, then to Chester and back.  Apparently it has cost over 2 million pounds to make.  It is involved with fund raising for Help the Heroes.
Beeston2 002 (800x600)                   
The weather forecast for the weekend was dreadful – wind and rain and rain and wind – but today has not been as bad as expected so ………Beeston1 013 (800x600)…… what’s going on?

Maggie has hurt her leg (hopefully not too badly) and Maisie has been tantalising cows.
Can’t get me …..!!.”      

And Megan ……………. is now on her way to Brazil!!  She has decided to leave Buenos Aires and go back-packing instead!  My emotions can’t keep up and my hair should no longer be blonde – it should be white!!  She is travelling with two other girls to some special falls in a place called Puerto Iguazu (still in Argentina but only just) and then she continues on her own to a place in Brazil called Florianopolis.


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  2. Ok.So it worked this time. I closed the gates on an incoming boat in your situation and told them that I didn't think they were locking through as they hadn't helped. Perhaps we should explain the etiquette ....then smack them.