Saturday, 3 September 2011


Now I could be referring to that highly technical and essential bit of equipment used by the Skipper on a regular basis to check the level of diesel in our tank. (The Skipper uses a length of aluminium tube, the bottom section of which is marked in inch gradients; each inch represents 37 litres of diesel).  However, on this occasion, I’m actually referring to the Skipper himself who has, it seems, not been dipping his stick regularly enough!

This resulted in a dramatic ‘chug’ down the Prees Branch to Whixall Marina.  The situation was critical!  So critical that I had to hurry ahead to raise the two lift bridges in readiness so that no fuel was wasted in waiting around.  Once again on board, it was crucial that I stood at the front of the boat on the left-hand side to encourage the remaining dribbles of diesel to gather together in order to grace the fuel pipe.

YES!  We were running on vapour BUT ………….. we didn’t run out!

The Skipper said that he knew we were running low of fuel and we could have got some from Ellesmere Marina as we passed but £1.40 a litre and an enforced 60/40 split?  Lessons!  Lessons!

Talking of lessons ………….. Megan has achieved her aim and been awarded a Distinction in her TESOL qualification.  Her hard work has paid off.

SO ………… we are now moored on the pretty, peaceful Prees Branch and will stay here for the rest of the weekend.  We have a lovely mooring spot between the two lift bridges, the fire is alight, we have TV reception, phone reception, a reasonable internet connection, a good walk to do tomorrow and …………………. 6.27 inches on the dipstick!

Dipstick?  I rest my case.


  1. You are expecting me to post a rude comment about dipping his stick well Im not gona Paul

  2. Spoil sport, I thought I could rely on you of all people!

  3. I thought you were beyond all that! Nothing like a bit of dip sticking on a wet afternoon. xxx

  4. must not forget the point 27in it makes all the difference you know Paul