Monday, 12 September 2011

Dreadful Wind but, for once, the Skipper had it Under Control!

We left Beeston this morning having removed vulnerable things from the roof and secured the cratch cover which wanted to behave like a windsock. 

The stretch Chester 004 (800x600)from Beeston to Waverton is very rural and there are some magnificent views of the Peckforton Hills.  Very few other boats were on the move!  In the vicinity of Golden Hook Farm we passed the longest line of moored boats we have yet to encounter – there were about 150 and 75 wind generators,  indicating that this area is frequently windy.  Today, they were whizzing!!

We didn’t go far – only 9 lock miles - which, in the windy conditions, was quite far enough!In the afternoon we cycled into Chester to have a good look around the city.  We have found that going on our bikes to get a feel of a place is really good because we can cover so much more ground than if we were walking.                                                                                                                                                                          

The City of Chester   If you’ve never been there you’re missing a gem …………….. and we’re not city fans.  Chester 006 (600x800)

Going inChester 007 (600x800) along the tow path soon reveals evidence of past industry – some lovely old architecture.  We passed a Victorian water tower, a tall chimney previously used to produce lead shot and various old warehouses now restored and used as pubs and clubs.  The ornate brickwork is beautiful.

The city itself …………. lovely!  There are so many black and white timbered buildings dating back to medieval times.  There are exclusive shops by the bucket load as well as all the major chain stores in, I think, two under-cover centres.  There are boat trips on the Dee, bus tours around the city and a circular walk to do around the old city walls.  There are Roman remains to see at the amphitheatre (where there were animal fights, gladiator fights and public executions!) and the cathedral to visit.


Chester 010 (800x600)               Chester 019 (800x600)              Chester 022 (800x600)

A tourist hot-spot!

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  1. I love Chester it has such a lovely feel to it. The Zoo is quite special too, it was one of the first conservation zoos that specialised in endangered species.