Thursday, 1 September 2011

Out and About

On reaching the end of the navigation at Maesbury Marsh we came across our friends Richard & Chris on Du Morvan!  We didn’t think we would see them again this year as they have organised a Winter mooring on the Whitchurch Arm and are very soon to go to their house in France.monty 2 006 (800x600)

Yesterday we got out the bikes and set off to see what progress has been made on The Monty since we were here three years ago.  The limit of navigation is exactly the same!  Volunteers are now actively encouraged by BW and there were lots working to restore the next stretch of canal but it is a slow old process. We cycled some of the towpath and, seeing the bed of the canal so overgrown and blocked by several very low road bridges, makes you realise what a mammoth task still remains in order to connect with the navigable section in Wales.

monty 2 015 (800x600)

This is a section leading up to the Vyrnwy Aqueduct.

The canal passes through some stunning scenery.

    monty 2 016 (800x600)    monty 2 011 (800x600)

Today we went to Oswestry and took the easy option.  We went on the bus!

The weather today has been beautiful – good old September!

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