Monday, 29 August 2011

Spontaneity is their Middle Name

On Sunday we got back to Ellesmere and said ‘goodbye’ to Rodney who set off on the long drive back to Staines.  We rang to organise a passage down the Frankton Locks onto the Montgomery Canal for Monday morning and moored Sunday night at the top of the locks.

The Montgomery (affectionately known as ‘The Monty’) is currently only navigable from the English end for seven miles to Maesbury Marsh.  Originally it went for 35 miles from Welsh Frankton in England to Newtown in Wales.  The canal crosses into Wales at a place called Llanymynech which is about three miles further on from the current terminus.  Part of the canal has been restored from the Welsh end – it all just needs to be joined together!  Twenty five years ago I was looking forward to the time when I could cruise from Frankton to Welshpool – I’m still looking forward to it!  It’s always all about money – if only I could have a large win on the lottery ………………!!!!

The canal is very rural and, as there are special plants, the banks are more river-like and less protected against wash.  Moorings are very restricted and so the number of boats allowed onto it at any one time is carefully managed.  When it is eventually fully restored (and I can only hope it is within my life time) I’m sure it will be every bit as popular as the Llangollen. more claytons 025 (800x600)

We weremore claytons 023 (800x600) just filling up with water at the bottom of the Frankton flight when the phone rang and it was Mick & Lynn.  They were travelling back from a visit to Lynn’s mum who lives on the Wirral and, just like that, decided to come and find us!  Easy-Peasy – ‘meet us at the Queen’s Head on the A5 just outside of Oswestry’, we suggested!  We arrived within minutes of each other.  Being Bank Holiday Monday the pub was heaving.  Lunch was excellent!

God Bless good friends!

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  1. Good friends indeed
    It was soo good to see you both xxx