Thursday, 25 August 2011

“A Masterpiece of Civil Engineering”

The Pontcysylite Aqueduct as described on one of the information boards at Trevor Basin.

It is apparently the highest navigable aqueduct ever built and is so special that in 2009 it was placed on the World Heritage List.  Crossing the beautiful River Dee it’s 126 feet high, 1,007 feet long and supported on 19 arches.  It was officially opened to traffic in November 1805 and cost £47,018 to build.  Boats go across single file in an iron trough and railings are only on the towpath side.  It’s certainly a very long way down!The Big One 006 (800x600)

Judging by the number of visitors walking past our boat from the car park, it certainly attracts crowds of people.  A coach load of Japanese tourists has arrived two days running so we have appeared in lots of photographs!  Male passers-by are fascinated by our engine and the ladies like the flowers and painted ware.  The trip boat is doing very good business.  One little girl thought we were the trip boat – bless her!The Big One 015 (800x600)

The weather forecast has led us to believe that there is some really bad rain on the way but, as yet, the sun has, for most of the time, continued to shine.  Typically, just as we got onto the aqueduct it started to rain and the wind began to blow but …….. it didn’t last long.

The Big One 022 (800x600)

                  The Big One 030 (600x800)

We have decided not to carry on to Llangollen but to stay here at Trevor for another day.  The pub is FAR too accessible for John and Rodney but, for a bit of peace and quiet, it gets them out of my way!

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