Thursday, 11 August 2011

M and M

next 002 (800x600)

As dusk approached on Wednesday, boats were moored bow to stern at the bottom of the Adderley locks just as they were at the top of the Audlem flight.  The Madness and Mayhem then that occurred the following morning on the Audlem flight came as no surprise!  To start with there were three boats going down to every one going up so – three boats in each pound and water levels dropping.  It wasn’t until lock 10 that we were able to go out of one lock and straight into the next.  Despite the drizzling rain and the queue’s of boats, however, as far as I’m aware, everyone maintained good 026 (800x600)

Audlem is another lovely village on the canal.  It has three pubs and a good selection of individual shops.  It never fails to amaze me how little places have such big, ornate churches!

Tonight we are moored by the popular canalside pub called “The Shroppie Fly”  (For non-boaters – Fly boats were those which worked through the night to deliver their cargoes as quickly as 024 (600x800))

Just behind us is The Audlem Mill Canal shop.  This old converted mill sells everything crafty and beautiful and lots more.  For anyone who enjoys doing cross stitch, this next 032 (800x600)is the shop for you!  I have never seen such an enormous selection of sewing kits. 

Tomorrow?  We have an appointment at some obscure bridge – supposedly not too far away – to plague the occupants of n/b “Piston Broke”. 

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