Saturday, 6 August 2011

Brewood to Norbury

What a lovely, friendly little place Brewood (according to our guide it’s pronounced Brood) is.  There are lots of little individual shops mostly centred around the old market place.  It’s all here:- traditional butcher/greengrocer, baker, florist, chemist, sweetshop (!), antique shop, deli, post office, couple of little supermarkets, hairdressers for both men and women (the barber still has the old pole displayed), gift shop and more…….

Couple of pubs, couple of hotels, posh school for girls (boys are allowed from 3-7, then they get sent on their way!), church ……….

Brewood is described as a village but there is so much there!  When does a village become a small town?  ‘Village’ to me equates an active post office, general store and maybe a couple of other shops. 

In the Antique shop we were told that “The Lion” where Mick & Lynn stayed has only just been renovated and rMick & Lynn 010 (600x800)e-opened for business.

The locals are all very pleased because it was apparently in a sorry state and becoming an eye-sore in the centre Mick & Lynn 009 (600x800)of the market square.

Opposite “The Lion” is an extravagant looking building called “Speedwell Castle” apparently named after a racehorse worth backing!  It’s now divided into flats. 

More and more I find that I am being ‘picked up’ on my accent.  I’ve never before dwelt on the fact that I actually have an accent – a London accent – and, around these parts, London seems to be an interesting topic of conversation.  The assistant in the ‘Spar’ still seems to be under the impression that London is paved with gold!  I offered to swap places!

Walking the towpath I met an elderly fisherman and, before I knew it, I was hearing all about ‘The Mrs’ and her trip to London to see the ‘horrid’ exhibition of the wedding dress AND how she has bought a souvenir tablet of soap but won’t tell him how much she paid for it and definitely won’t ever use it AND about Windsor AND about the hotel near Heathrow ………………. all because I said, ‘Good morning’ in my Greater London accent!

We saw Simon & Jane at Wheaton Aston lock.  They are the lovely young couple from Crick who have bought our old camper van.  It both dismays and bewilders me that now the % of younger people we meet is steadily increasing!

Gnosall (pronounced No-Zull) Heath – we should have stopped there by the two nice-looking pubs and good mooring spot.

I, however, had read about the ‘superb views of the Shropshire hills’ near bridge 37.  The view was superb but we could get no closer to the bank than 6 ftoday 002 (800x600)eet away.  Being deep drafted does cause us problems!today 001 (800x600)

Even where we are now – tucked on the end at Norbury Junction – we are 3 feet out from the bank.  We will probably stay here for the weekend as there’s plenty to keep us occupied – a pub, cafe, chandlers and gift shop and good dog-walking opportunities.

We also have chores to do!  I might even get the duster out!  Might not use it but at least it will look willing!

Lots of boats are on the move.  Each time one passes us we rock from side to side and backwards and forwards.  John nearly fell over in the shower!  Oh, let me brace myself as here comes another one!  I did suggest to him that he put on ‘springs’ (a more secure mooring technique!) but he told me to ‘get out there and do it then’ so …………..where did I put the Stugeron?

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