Monday, 8 August 2011

Aren’t you Glad it’s Summer?

It’s mid August and today we lit the fire!  We felt really cold!

Couple of rants – dedicated to my friend, Mrs Clayton, who says I’m good at it!

Rant 1

August and the School Holidays – this must be the month for the emergence of Bossy, I-know-it-all-and-even-if-you-don’t-want-to-hear-it-I’m-going-to-tell-you women!  What’s the betting they’re teachers?

Justification for this observation:-

  • Yesterday I was told that I absolutely needed to be in the photo I was taking as otherwise I wouldn’t remember where it was so …………… hand the camera over now.
  • Same female – I made a comment about a campsite and was told in no uncertain terms that my observations were totally wrong and ……. this is what it’s really all about.
  • Today – I was told that I most certainly would not like Market Drayton and would not want to stay there long as all the decent shops have closed down and the market only sells tut and Morrisons, although it’s an OK shop, it’s a tiresome trek up from the canal.
  • Then – same lady told the boaters going up the lock in front how they couldn’t possibly reach their destination that day as it was far too far to travel in one day.  (It was still only 10am and more fool them for telling her in the first place!)

I actually said very little – even if I had wanted to say more it would have been a losing battle to get a word in edgeways!  I’m so glad we’re going North!

Rant 2

The Holiday boaters who want to do 109 miles and 94 locks in 5 days.  This is why my slumbers are disturbed at 6.30am and 9.30pm.

Here endeth the rants.

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  1. Nice rant!
    Speak at the end of the month. We're all going on a summer holiday!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx