Sunday, 7 August 2011

Blast from the Past

Earlier today – walking back to the boat from a visit to the chandlers at Norbury Junction a beautiful, tanned, slim young lady ran up and flung her arms around me with cries of “Mrs Allebone!”  and then, “you haven’t changed a bit”!!  (They know just what to say these youngsters!)

Well clearly she had because I didn’t recognise her!  Then I saw her mum who was looking equally well and lovely and this lady I could recognise.  Penelope Prothero – former neighbour and school governor.  And the young beauty?  Sarah – last seen by me when she was aged 11.  Good grief – how these young girls blossom with just a few years of maturity!  ‘They’ (all 10 of them) are on a hire boat collected yesterday from Autherley Junction and are doing the ‘Cheshire Ring’ in a week so 10 hours a day cruising then!  Sarah had spotted our boat as they went by sNorbury 013 (800x600)o she and her mum got off in an attempt to find me.  Brilliant!

We now need to be in Market Drayton by tomorrow so we decided to move up just a bit.  We are moored close to a pub called ‘The Anchor’.  One of our guide books says that the pub is ‘one of a vanishing breed’ so I think John at least will have to investigate a bit later on!Norbury 002 (800x600)

Just a few latest scenes:-  

The Anchor Inn 

           A boat moored by Bridge 37 for the lovely view!

Norbury 011 (600x800)

Interesting double bridge complete with small telegraph pole.

      Certainly this part of ‘The Shroppie’ is a mixture of tree lined cuttings and more open embankments.Norbury 012 (600x800)

Norbury 009 (800x600)

Now that’s what you call a chimney!      Norbury 014 (800x600)



Desirable residence complete with mooring for 2 boats.

Norbury 008 (800x600)

Not the best situation for a pump out machine!  I do hope they enjoyed their coffee and cake!


  1. Fancy having a coffee that close to the pump out, Eugh!

  2. Exactly my thoughts! Ange xxoo

  3. That chimney is because Emily Anne is a steam powered boat.