Monday, 19 September 2011

Major Diversion

From Sheffield to Crawley via Chester?  Now that’s a major diversion but one, I’m pleased to say, that was taken by our friends Rosa and Richard.  Rosa is my best mate from college days – now a very long time ago!

HavinBeeston 2 006 (600x800)g taken their daughter, Jessamine, to begin her degree at Sheffield University, they came to find us.

We had got back to Beeston Castle and the Shady Oak pub.  Every year since we have been cruising around they have come to find us one way or another and it is always really good to see them. 

On Sunday the weather turned out to be better than anticipated so we all climbed up to the ruins of Beeston Castle now in the hands of English Heritage.  The views from inside the grounds are certainly panoramic – the brochure boasts that you can see eight different counties from up there.  My big bonus was that we had a good sighting of a pair of ravens. 

Beeston 2 003 (800x600)

Today, John and I stayed put!  We did a new walk for us – one which took us around Beeston Crag and up and around the Peckforton Hills.  We had a distant view of Peckforton Castle which is a bit of a charlatan really because it was built by the Victorians to look like a medieval castle.  Today it is a hotel and restaurant and you can have afternoon tea either for £14.00 or, for gourmets, £21.00!!  (per person)  I expect a three course meal for the latter!!

Beeston 2 002 (800x600)

                                                               The leaves on the trees are Beeston 2 010 (800x600)beginning to change colour – Autumn is definitely here.


Peckforton   Castle

Entrance                                        In amongst the hills.

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