Tuesday, 8 November 2011

So…………. What’s been occuring?

I can’t believe that we have been in the marina for nearly two weeks already!  Time usually goes ‘Slowly, Oh, so slowly’ in here!

There have been at least two ‘next times’ where the Eberspacher is concerned but, somehow or other, John seems to get it going again.  Must be sweet-talk!  Our friend, Paul, on n/b ‘Piston Broke’ told us of a chap who is based at Braunston and deals with heating systems on boats so we went over there yesterday and are now in possession of a new motor for it – might be fitted later on today.

So, how did we get to Braunston?  We have wheels!  Megan is letting us use her car whilst she is away.  It is being M.O.T.’d as I write – fingers crossed.  Megan sorted out insurance all the way from Brazil – technology today really is ‘magic’!  Becky had got all the documents together for us.  After all she has been through in the last couple of years it was so good to see her looking really, really well.  She now has two little dogs of her own – Dennis, who is a cross between a Westie and a Cavalier and Doris(!), who is a Jack-a-poo!  Both gorgeous.

Megan:  Yesterday she had a really nasty accident.  She spilt a pan of boiling water down her leg – a large area of skin has been burned and is really nasty – we’ve seen a picture!  The handle on the pan broke as she picked it up.  We were doing our best to offer her some medical advice over the internet!  I’m sure it’s going to remain painful for quite some time and take weeks to heal.  Internet reception in here is not good and it is really frustrating trying to use Skype – yesterday was the worst experience because we were trying to communicate with Megan who was understandably very upset and it just kept breaking up.  So – Paul - the dongle is going on top of a broomstick!  (Talking of broomsticks Paul, hope Lynn has got back safely and on time from Kent!)  Let’s hope this strategy makes a big improvement.  An extension lead and different dongle have been purchased – it’s all so easy to support the world of retail when you have means of independent transport!Ben diving

Ben:  For those of you who know him – he is fine and off to Thailand – Phuket- for a two week holiday on Thursday.  Something about another diving course.

We have been getting well carried away because a set of Christmas lights for the boat and new raincoats for the dogs have also been purchased.  And, continuing the search for crochet cotton, we came back to the marina via Berkhamstead where I know of a well-stocked craft shop.  Cotton has at least been ordered ……… I just hope it actually materializes.

A new Winter experience for us:- we are sharing our pontoon with another liveaboard – Bob.  We actually met him briefly on the Ouse last year.  He has a lovely Alsation puppy.  Maisie is already besotted with her.

Surprise news:- John was reading a canal boat forum the other night and saw that Ian, who operates the coal boat ‘Gosty Hill’, has put the boat up for sale.  We only saw him a few weeks ago and he didn’t indicate that that was on the cards.  I hope everything is O.K. with him and Alison.

The double-glazing has been put in as the weather is now wet and miserable!  New dog coats purchased just at the right time I would say.

John has just returned – the car failed!  Now booked in for a service and repairs first thing in the morning.  ‘Means of independent transport’ obviously doesn’t come without hitches and £££!!!!


  1. Oh My, I hope Meg is OK it sounds really nasty. Hopefully the car will be fine after it's little op. Living close to another live a board is going to be challenging, Rosie wouldn't cope with a puppy next door!!
    Talk soon xxxx

  2. Thanks for calling in to see us when you came to Roy's he told me you had been 5 minutes after you left. Hope the motor has now fixed it. We also upgraded our dongle yesterday with Vodafone, but I bet your broomhandle isnt varnished and as shiny as mine. It came back from Kent with a speeding ticket attached goodness knows what she was up too......... Hope you get a better signal, if you do Paul was right again.

  3. Knew we'd be in trouble, thought you'd be too busy to entertain. I've seen your new dongle, it IS the broomstick! and Re a better signal, WE now get Broadband, whenever, without a broomstick!!Work that one out! As for "Paul" being right.......again......A first time would be good!
    Will pop in next time were near,promise,(it is your round after all.)

  4. Ah, didn't know Crick had 'suburbs'. You've got me wondering which bit we are in :-).
    Kath (nb Herbie)