Wednesday, 16 November 2011

You Have to Laugh ……….

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This gate, seen on the North Oxford Canal whilst we were walking the dogs with Lynn, is clearly doing a grand job!  The notice tells walkers to make sure they shut the gate!  No ‘invisible’ fencing is either side of the posts!  You have to laugh!

Whilst in the marina we have met another chap (Brian) from Wakefield and he has the same sort of humour as the Wakefield Three we met on Skye – Den, Wally and ‘Rocket’ Ron.  What do they put in Wakefield Water?!  Brian moors his boat at Crick and told us that he is thinking of changing the name to “The Olympic Flame”.  Why?  Is it because he’s a keen, enthusiastic sportsman?  A patriot wanting to support in 2012?  No, because, he says, his boat never goes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “B-Boom”, as Basil Brush used to say!  You have to laugh!

He also told us that, un-be-known to us, Crick Marina is split into suburbs!  There’s “Council Row”, (that’s where we are at the moment), “Snob’s Alley” (that’s where we’ll never be!) and “The Ghetto” (that’s where we were!)  You have to laugh!

hooknah 004

This is Hookna.  (Scottish derivative for ‘half-penny)

She likes to give Maisie a big, wet lick whenever we go by.

Maisie does not protest!  You have to laugh!

Yesterday we drove to Shuckburgh laden with cakes to accompany the cup of tea promised by Lynn and Paul. We had a good old chat too!  Their boat is looking so smart.  They now have three solar panels all neatly and cleverly mounted on the roof of the boat.  Paul never stops striving for perfection and the results of his efforts speak for themselves.  Praise where praise is due!  Regarding solar panels, we haven’t got passed the ‘thinking-about-it stage’.

AND …………….. the Middle-Sized Buckby Can is VERY NEARLY finished!

bc 001 (800x600)

Megan’s leg, thank goodness, is on the mend.  The big blisters have burst but she says that it’s clean and not too painful.  I have sent her some special dressing.  I’ll be AMAZED if she ever gets it!  She is coming home early in January ……………. but not for long.  At the end of January she is going to Alicante where she has been offered a teaching job.  Europe!  Hooray!  I know that teaching English as a second language is nothing like teaching in a school but I never, ever thought that a daughter of mine would be talking to me about lesson plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!                    You have to laugh!

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  1. Glad Megan is getting better and maybe you will be able to relax a bit when she is in Europe!
    We have a gate like that near the woods. I will show you when you come. When the local yobs burnt down the wooden supports the council replaced them!!!