Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Let the silly season begin…..

One of the things I look forward to seeing in the winter is the increasing display of pretty outdoor lights that adorn windows, doorframes, bushes and trees in front gardens.  With the onset of darkness now at about 4.30 pm, us Brits need to cheer ourselves up with something!  And, getting into the Festive Spirit now includes large, illuminated Santas, snowmen, sledges, moving reindeer etc etc.  Up goes the electricity bill but, hey, it’s Christmas time!  Each to their own!

Boaters are not to be left out!  We had intended to wait until December 1st before turning on our contribution to the festivities.  In the past I have been known to grumble (I know it’s hard to believe!) about Christmas coming far too early ……….. cards and crackers in the shops in October!  Ridiculous!!  BUT …… last weekend other boaters here got things going so ……….

Fellow Boaters ………..

lights 016 (800x600)           lights 018 (800x600)      lights 024 (800x600)

And us …………………..

Ernie's slides 008 (800x600) (2)      hooknah 001 (800x600)      Ernie's slides 010 (800x600)

Apparently our lights can be seen from the gate.  Jolly good!  If necessary, they can help to guide folk safely back from the pub!

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