Monday, 28 November 2011

Yesterday …

Yesterday was ………………..

John’s birthday.  Yes, another one!  I can’t believe we’re SO old!  How did all these years creep up on us? On the + side, he is now entitled to a winter fuel allowance!!

Anyway, Rodney came up to the marina for the weekend and I enjoyed two whole days catering-free.  On Saturday we had a take-away and on Sunday Rodney took us  for lunch to “The Red Lion” in Crick.  Lovely old pub, a really good Sunday roast (PROPER crumble and custard for pud!!) AND ….. they happily let dogs in.  Cheers, Rodney!

birthday 006 (800x600)      birthday 007 (800x600)     birthday 009 (600x800)

We had just said “see you later” to Rodney and were un-zipping our cratch cover when the phone rang and it was himself.

“DI-SAS-TER”,  he says.  “I’ve just dropped my keys – house keys and car keys on the same ring – in the water!  Have you got a big, strong magnet?”

Fortunately we have so up went John to do a bit of fishing.  I thought there was NO chance but luck was on our side and he did in fact manage to retrieve them!

birthday 011 (800x600)



All’s well that ends well!  Less wine next time!




Yesterday was …………….

The sixth anniversary of the death of John’s dad, Ernie.  How bizarre – losing your dad on your birthday.  In the big pattern of things six years is not a great deal of time but in those last six years SUCH a lot has happened in our family……. and quite a bit of it …… sad….Crying face

Yesterday was ………………….

The happy christening of young Harry John Clayton, the eldest grandson of our lovely friends Mick and Lynn.  The ceremony took place in Sawbridgeworth church where Andy and Rhia were married – THE wedding we went to by boat back in 2010.

Harry's christening (600x800)

Yesterday was ……..

The day Ben got safely back home from his holiday with friend Chi in Thailand.  Judging from the photos he had a good time and did manage to do some more diving.

b6 (598x800)                    b8 (800x600)                 b9 (800x600)

b12 (800x600)     It’s easy to see why he likes Thailand so much.  The beaches look amazing, the towns – crazy!  b10 (800x600)

Today ……… 

We need to organise ourselves for going back to Staines to empty John’s mum’s bungalow completely.  Very sad but now, very necessary.

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  1. Belated birthday wishes John, I hope you are going to buy Angela a nice present with your winter fuel allowance and I dont mean a few bags of coal either.