Friday, 9 December 2011

Welcome to the Cut

Another new boater has arrived at Crick marina.  This is 12 week old Megs – a chocolate Labrador.

Megs 004 (800x600)

Megs 009 (800x600)


I just know that she and her owner, Rob, are going to have a lovely time living together and cruising round the system on their narrowboat “Green Manalishi”.



  1. Hi...would you give my regards to Rob should you see him again (he does my gardening when he is down this way)...I'm so pleased he has a 'shipmate' now...

    Jan from Tonbridge

  2. Hi Jan, Yes we'd be pleased to pass your message on to Rob, & Megs of cause. I guess you Googled Green Manalshi?

  3. Hi Angela...I visited Rob at Crick when he first bought his NB...fell in love with the thought of the new lifestyle he will have...he isnt into the 'cyber' side of been nagging him to get online so we can keep in being a blogger myself with my handmade cards..I googled a few canal blogs and found 'Ellen' and you were moored at Crick. I told Rob this last time he came to do my although I know he travels up and down the cut..I thought it would only be a matter of time that you might 'bump' into him..and yes you did!!.
    Thank you for passing on my regards..I hope you didnt mind me asking...
    Kind regards

  4. Of course not Jan. He and Megs are coming round very soon now for a cuppa!! Happy to pass on any messages any time.