Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It’s All Over Bar the Shouting ……

Don’t know what it means but it’s the sort of thing my mum would now be saying.  Perhaps it’s all about the large amounts of money we have been tempted and succumbed  to spend – all over bar the paying for things that have been put on credit card!!

We have had a completely different Christmas from any we have had before.  Despite my reservations about not being in Staines, it’s been really nice Ben coming here to us for a change.  He seemed happy enough being back on a narrowboat, was very observant and complimentary about anything we have done on board “Ellen” and definitely appreciated being catered for and waited on!!  Probably like everybody else, we’ve eaten too much and drunken FAR too much.  Do hope that everyone else out there has also had a nice Christmas.

Christmas 009 (600x800)

A new ruler for the tool box!!

                                              Christmas 007 (800x600)Do I smoke it, eat it or ……. HIDE it!!


Maisie has enjoyed having someone else to sleep with (! – she gets right down under the covers given half a chance) and play with – fighting with poor old Mr Lion.  We gave her a large bone/biscuit thing for Christmas and she didn’t know what to do with it!  She just wanted to hide it and then guard it!!  Maggie on the other hand got well stuck in!!

On Boxing Day we thought it was a good idea to take Ben to Foxton to show him the locks and the incline plane.   THE PLACE WAS HEAVING!  Car parks both top and bottom were virtually full, both pubs, both cafes and the shop were all chock-a-block.  Investment in the development of this area as a tourist attraction is certainly paying off.  We were staggered at just how busy it was.  A quiet stroll around Foxton it was not!  I’m still hoping to get out on the boat and go there whilst the canals are not frozen – from Crick to Foxton is one of my favourite stretches.       Christmas 013 (800x600)                                

 Looking over the Inclined Plane at Foxton Locks.

                                     I like the way this sign has been made to look like a lock beam.Christmas 014 (600x800)

Ben left this afternoon (borrowed my brother’s car rather than come up on his motor bike).  Bye Ben – maybe he’ll come again next year.


      Christmas 020 (800x600)

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