Tuesday, 3 January 2012

“Lovely, Lovely” (sorry but it’s an in-house joke!)

First of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR to all those we know and, all those we have yet to know!

For the New Year celebrations we went to stay with our lovely, lovely friends Mick and Lynn.  It’s not only our Quenew year 004 (600x800)en who can celebrate a Jubilee in 2012 – it’s the Clayton/Allebone Ruby-Juby – 40 years of dedicated friendship and, at some point during the year, we fully intend to celebrate this momentous occasion in style!    

On our arrival on Friday we beheld a vast assortment of lovely, lovely Christmas decorations adorning both insidnew year 003 (600x800)e and out. 

I think being the proud grandparents of two lovely, lovely little boys might just have gone to their heads a wee bit because the back garden was akin to Santa’s grotto!

Lovely, lovely coloured lights adorned every fence, hedge, bush, tree and flower pot – it looked truly amazing!

new year 001 (600x800)On New Year’s Eve we met up for lunch with Andy, Rhia and young Harry at a lovely, lovely pub local to them.  It was really good to see them all.  What a lovely, lovely little boy!

Back in Harlow in the evening we watched a lovely, lovely DVD (one I’ve been wanting to see since it’s release), played ‘Who’s in the Bag?’ and a selection of games on Wii, or is it Wii games?  – all new to us anyway.

With the emptying of each fresh bottle, laughter increased but memory-skills and thinking skills got regrettably slower and slower – strange that!!!

On New Year’s Day Lynn cooked a huge, lovely, lovely roast dinner for eight.  Their other son, Chris, his partner Lisa and their lovely, lovely  little boy, Leo came over ……………… and a couple of their friends too.  I was also allowed to indulge myself and watch the very last Harry Potter film – yes, I’m another addict!  What a brilliant film.

   new year 008 (600x800)      new year 010 (600x800)

On Monday, in bright sunshine, we went for a lovely, lovely walk around the Fisher’s Green area of the Lee Valley Country Park.  It was really nice to re-visit a part of the Lee Navigation that we cruised 18 months ago on our way to to Andy and Rhia’s wedding.  What a lot has happened in those 18 months!

new year 011 (800x600)

LOTS of people were out enjoying the crisp but bright weather.

SO, in summary, the ‘Shouting’ was fab-u-lous. Thank you very much Mr & Mrs Clayton for a lovely, lovely few days.

We are now back on our boat and Megan …………….. is in Reading, ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Seriously it was fab to see you and a great start to 2012.
    Looking forward to February. Give our love to Meg when you see her xxxxx