Sunday, 15 January 2012

Domesticity rules OK?

This week my tiny little galley has been a hive of activity and lots of homemade goodies have graced the cake tins.  Every now and then I have this mad impulse to bake cakes but this week I have also ventured into the baking of  pizza and ……………………..

domesticity 001 (800x600)


Back in the summer my friend Chris on n/b ‘DuMorvan’ assured me,

 “Of course you can bake bread without a bread-making machine – I do it all the time.   What you have to do is ………….”

“O.M.G.”, said Megan, “It’s sure to be like a brick!”

“O.M.G.”, said John, “the ducks will sink!”

Well, despite scepticism from the other crew members I thought I would give it a go and see what happened.  They took the rise out of me but they couldn’t take the rise out of my bread because this was the (somewhat surprising to us all) result.  It must have been all that pummelling!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, they of little faith!  It actually tasted good too!

I’ve also been plodding on with the crocheting of new cabin lace for the windows and have completed two sets.  It always takes a while to get used to something new but I’m pleased with how they are turning out. I can’t quite decide to keep the dingly-dangdomesticity 009 (800x600)ly-sparkly-bits or not:-

Widomesticity 008 (800x600)thout dingle-dangles.                                                                              

(Yes, the next job for this Mature Domestic Goddess Student must be to clean the windows!!)     

With dingle-dangles – every one or every other one or interspersed with something completely different?  Can’t decide as yet.


Megan has spent the weekend with her best friend from Uni days – Natalie – who, having met the love of her life when she went out to Malta last year to see Meg, now lives near Buckingham.  We are going to collect Megan later tonight and she will spend the rest of the week with us here in Crick.

domesticity 002 (800x600)

Sun-set over the marina.


  1. Keep the dangles!!

  2. Dangles, absolutely alternate dangles. Clever girl

  3. best if you have a chain link in the top if you use as a mud weight

  4. Thanks for all the feedback - yes, will keep the dangles. LOTS to sew on!! xxoo