Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Wanderer Returns ………… albeit temporarily

Last Sunday Megan’s best pal, Lynn and George her dog, acted as chauffeurs to bring Megan to us at Crick.  Lynn and George stayed until Monday afternoon; Megan is staying until Friday.  During a walk on Monday it didn’t take long for George to find the water – all but his head went in and under!  He definitely got more than he was expecting when he wandered down the bank!  Fortunately it didn’t take too long for him to dry off – the poodle part of his fur maybe.

                                Meg's return 004 (800x600)           Meg's return 003 (800x600)

We ended up in ‘The Red Lion’ for lunch ………….!  Even on a Monday it was busy, busy.

We have now seen all the photos of Meg’s travels and Argentina and Brazil are certainly very beautiful countries.  The mountains and most of the beaches are just fabulous.  What an amazing experience she has had with only a couple of incidents that I was definitely better off not knowing about at the time!

Before she left Lynn told us about a huge Shopping Centre called Fosse Park just off Junction 21 of the M1 so, today, that’s where we have been ……. for hours and hours!  It was well worth going because Meg got lots of bargains and nearly everything she wanted.   Me? I went along in a supportive role!  Now?  Shopped out – I definitely don’t need to see another trendy clothes shop for a long, long time!  ‘We’, needless to say, does not include John!  I guess he has had a very peaceful day …….

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  1. Shopping? You? Hardly your favourite pastime!
    What a good Mummy you are!
    Glad Megan is with you, have a lovely time