Monday, 30 July 2012




2012 marks 40 years of ‘solid oak’ friendship so it’s our Ruby Jubilee year – ‘Ruby-Juby’!

We were so young!  So innocent!  So un-pudgy!

John and Mick met at Teacher Training College in Chelsea and Lynn ( the baby of the foursome at just 17!) and I were the ‘Groupies’!  At college John was nick-named ‘Woody’ on account of his specialism being in woodwork and Mick was nick-named ‘Divi’ – I’ll leave you to work that one out for yourself!5615_142883581211_3797493_n[1]


Every year, when we are cruising around they come to find us and we spend time together.

This year – tomorrow in fact – they are coming to Newark and we plan to cel-e-brate! 

Newark is a really nice town with lots of bars, restaurants, shops and interesting historical ‘stuff’ so we are all looking forward to the next few days.

To make things easier we have organised to go into a marina.  We also need to find a vet for the dogs to have their annual boosters and ……John has already been on his ‘Magical Mystery’ bus tour from Newark to Retford and has collected his new specs.  According to him he was still the youngest passenger!


  1. I dunno, the picture must be a triful more recent as John still looks the miserable old bugger I know. As for being innocent?????

    1. Cheeky... I've always been innocent & never miserable! Well - only when my glass is empty!

  2. Here I am replying to your blog.history is in the making. Look forward to seeing you later on this momentous day. Divi

    1. Divi.....Welcome to the 21st Century! A truly historic day. Make sure you remember how you did it. No C.R.A.F.T. moments accepted on this one.