Thursday, 12 July 2012

Loitering with Intent

The ‘intent’ in question is the organization and receipt of new specs for ‘himself’.  Everything seems to take so long!  A few days ago, when the rain was still falling in torrents and the Trent was back on ’Flood Alert’, we decided that the little town of Retford with its choice of opticians seemed too good an opportunity to miss.  Since then we have had some sunshine and the river has calmed down again!  Never mind – if one needs to loiter, this lovely canal is a good place on which to do it.

We’ve certainly been supporting the local businesses!  Our bar bill last Friday was nothing less than shameful!!  And the general market in Retford (Wednesdays and Saturdays) ……..well!  My mum would have loved it!  Gill – you can get them here too – not just in Newark!  Tomorrow’s market is ‘Antiques and Collectibles’.  Now, I know I have nowhere to put anything but there’s no harm in looking is there?!!

Nothing else to report – as I say, we are just loitering. 

In July’s issue of ‘Towpath Talk’ there is yet another bit of boating terminology to add to my collection – ‘The Linger-Longers’.  The author of the article attaches this term to those boaters who overstay on moorings – in particular on the Regent’s Canal.   We’re not doing that but we are lingering in an area for longer than we normally would …………. with good reason.  The optician who did John’s eye test said that he used to work in Norfolk and that there are copious numbers of glasses submerged in the silt of the Broads!!
The Chesterfield 011
A walk on the wild side.
Ch2 019 (800x600)
The prop didn't much like the old bike tyre!
The Chesterfield 012 (800x600)
A lovely family.

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